Take Action with the Snack that Smiles Back


We’re all smiles here at Free The Children because we’ve just partnered up with the snack that smiles back to educate and empower Canadians around issues of bullying at our Take Action Camps. On shelves now, limited edition packages of specially marked Goldfish Crackers will help drive awareness and support of our anti-bullying initiatives.

IMG_2345-smCampbell Company of Canada, the makers of Goldfish Crackers, is supporting our week-long Take Action Camps in Bethany, ON, which teach young people how to become leaders in their communities and educate them on issues of bullying and inclusivity to prevent bullying in schools and online.

“We admire the work that Free The Children does to inspire youth to get involved in their communities and do what they can to lead change,” said Phil Donne, President, Campbell Company of Canada. “We’re proud to support Free The Children’s initiatives to help educate youth and provide them with the tools they need to build safer communities and prevent bullying.”

Youth at Take Action Camp learn to identify the elements that make a safe and inclusive environment and their role within it. As students explore their roles as bullying prevention ambassadors, they will apply their skills to develop a sustainable action plan that will help to make a positive cultural change within their school and community.

Youth attending Take Action Camp will learn


Help support this incredible initiative and pick up your own specially marked package of Goldfish Crackers while they last and for more information about Take Action Camp visit www.metowe.com/camp