One Kid Making a Difference


We are so inspired by Taylor DeVos, a young girl who is changing the world!

Two and a half years ago, Taylor DeVos set out on a journey to help children in developing countries.  Her goal was to raise $15,000 to build a school in Haiti.  Taylor began her journey by sponsoring a child by the name of Mesline who lives in Haiti.  As she wrote letters to Mesline and learned more about her life in Haiti, she became even more motivated to take action.


Now that Taylor had a friend in Haiti, she was even more determined to build a school for students there so they could receive an education. Taylor and her family created a website and hosted a number of events in their small town in Saskatchewan.  “Social Media like Twitter and Facebook has helped Taylor reach people from all over the World,” said Taylor’s mom Cora. “The support that she has received from all over Saskatchewan and North America has been incredible over the last two years.  The letters of support and donations that were received came in on an almost weekly basis. In November of 2013 Taylor was asked to speak at WE Day in Saskatoon.  It was at that time she felt that Free The Children was an organization that she would like to align herself with.”

IMG_4534After all of her hard work, Taylor is excited to announce that she has achieved her goal of raising $15,000! Taylor’s donation will help build two blocks in a new school in Manac, Haiti,  with each block containing two classrooms.   Taylor’s donation will play such a huge role in getting this project off the ground and we couldn’t be happier that she chose to support Free The Children’s school building projects.  This is extremely fitting as it is our Year of Education, with an organizational goal of building 200 schools in the communities where we work!  It has been such a pleasure working with this rock star and we know that she will continue to make this world a better place in any endeavour she pursues.

Taylor also announced that she is donating $5,000 to the organization that inspired her to create change, World Vision Canada.  These funds will be used to assist in the construction of the Jaques Romian School Project in the community of Balan, Haiti.

We are so inspired at Taylor’s passion for sharing education worldwide, and we can’t wait to see how students in Haiti flourish because of her hard work!


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