We365: Green Heroes

What’s the top issue facing our world right now?

Ask that question to anyone, and you’ll get tons of different answers, but one thing’s for sure… the environment is bound to come up.
No matter where you live, the issues giving Mother Nature a headache affect us all and there’s no quick fix pill we can take to make it go away. That’s why We365ers are going green to make the environment a top priority & give mama earth some relief.

To give you a dose of greenspiration, we’ve put together a list of 5 standout earth shakers who are leaving their footprints on the planet for all the right reasons. Whether you’re famous, a student, a scientist, an athlete or just a concerned human, we can all do our part to create a more sustainable, healthier and happier earth for everyone.

This 19-year-old’s story is straight up awesome, and a reminder that you’re NEVER too young to start making a difference. More plastic bags than fish? Boyan was shocked by the amount of plastic pollution after he went scuba diving in Greece. That motivated him to start diving into a solution for our ocean’s plastic problem! He spent half a year researching the issue, which led him to an idea…The Ocean Cleanup, a passive & cost-effective approach to trapping plastic without harming any sea creatures. This got Boyan recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

ONE THING HE DID: He came up with an innovative solution to a pollution problem.

ONE THING YOU CAN DO: Find a cool way you can decrease pollution in your neighbourhood!
Okay, we couldn’t make a list like this and not mention one of the most famous environmentalists in Canada! You’ve probably caught him on one of his TV series or in a commercial or two. Dr. Suzuki has practically devoted his entire life to educating the masses on natural sciences, climate change, and how we can all live greener lives. With a 30+ year broadcast career, multiple awards, and now, his own environmental non-profit under his belt, Dr. Suzuki is ALL in when it comes to protecting our earth. He’s kind of our hero.

ONE THING HE DID: He created and hosted popular science show The Nature of Things

ONE THING YOU CAN DO: Invite your crew over & catch a few clips on YouTube!
This environmental activist takes “tree hugger” to a whole other level. Back in the 90s, at just 22-years-old, Julia got majorly determined to save a Redwood forest from being destroyed in southern California. Her plan? Live in a tree. A 60-metre tall Redwood to be exact, and Julia stayed there for 738 days (breaking all previous tree-sitting records). Julia was all over the news, and got EVERYBODY’s attention. Years later, Julia has founded her own environmental organization, and continues to champion all those around her for the cause.

ONE THING SHE DID: She showed her determination to save a forest & raised tons of awareness.

ONE THING YOU CAN DO: Live in a tree… kidding. Snap a pic with a tree & share cool facts about nature with your friends & followers.
He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest names and one of the environment’s biggest advocates! Along with making some of our favourite movies, Leo supports several environmental organizations and works to up public awareness on key issues like climate change, access to clean water and oceans conservation. This movie star is a perfect example of doing what you love AND finding creative ways to give back, too.

ONE THING HE DID: He produced an environmentally-themed documentary, The 11th Hour.

ONE THING YOU CAN DO: You can watch The 11th Hour or make your own short vid on climate change!
This former World Tour Surfer from Hawaii wasn’t so stoked about some harmful chems being used on corporate farms on the island of Kauai. So, he started using his popularity to advocate for the environment and to speak out against GMOs. Dustin managed to get support from locals and the surfing community, and this year, he took it one step further… by becoming a mayoral candidate.

ONE THING HE DID: He put himself in a mayoral race to boost his enviro-platform.

ONE THING YOU CAN DO: Join a community or school environmental group!
Who are YOUR green heroes? Go green with us this month & share your favourite environmentalists with us on Twitter!