Hannah and Bella take Fundraising to New Heights!


Written by Hannah Baker and Bella Bond

As pupils of Surbiton High School, we were inspired to do something different to raise funds for our global project Adopt a Village in Ecuador. We both had a fear of heights, so we thought the biggest challenge would be a skydive! We hoped that great photos from our dive would help inspire younger students to make a difference too. As well as challenging our fears, we were excited to see the world from a different perspective as relevant to our collective aim to promote educational opportunities for girls on another continent. Whilst we knew it would scare us, we were looking forward to finishing our exams, and doing our dive!


Fortunately, our parents and the school were all for it! Everyone thought it was a great idea to raise awareness for Free The Children, and they understood the potential it had to make a difference by inspiring young people, like us, all over the world.


We developed a fundraising page to raise as much money and awareness for Free The Children as possible in our school, and community. Through the posters and continuous posts on social media, the donations were slowly but surely building up on our Virgin Money Giving page. We soon realised that we were going to actually jump out of an airplane, our impulsive aspiration had turned into reality! We were now fixated on our goal.

We didn’t quite realise how much of an impact our skydive could potentially make until WE Day UK. This event completely captivated our hearts and inspired us to work harder to reach our goal. As Craig and Marc Kielburger say, ‘WE are the change we want to see in the world’.

So, on the 6th of April 2014, we travelled to Wiltshire to jump out of a plane at 15,000 ft, raising £2,000 for Free The Children projects in Ecuador. We are so excited that we accomplished our goal together, and hope that it inspired other youth to take action!


Learn about Free The Children’s work in the UK here, and learn about our projects in Ecuador here