A Minga for Change!

were-calling-a-mingafeatureWe are so excited to announce that Free The Children and social enterprise Change Heroes are partnering to create a minga for change!

A Minga is a way of life in Ecuador. When a Minga is called, men, women, children and elders, all drop what they’re doing and rally together to complete a project for the benefit of the their community. It’s about building a better future. It’s about teamwork. Change Heroes is helping to introduce an act of collaborative giving by combining this ancient Ecuadorian tradition with Change Heroes’ accessible technology, with the goal of turning Mondaña into a sustainable community.

Together, Change Heroes and Free The Children want to encourage youth, educators and adults to hold their own mingas, and to rally their friends together to create change. Change Heroes has made this process so simple through their innovative fundraising platform. Individuals can sign up at www.changeheroes.com/minga to get started. Once registered, users can record personalized videos for 33 friends, family members or coworkers, and send them out through email and SMS. Users encourage their friends to help them fundraise $10,000 for a school in Ecuador by donating $3.33 (the average price of a coffee!) for 3 months. Believe it or not, loose change adds up to create BIG change!

By holding your own Change Heroes minga, you can help raise money that will go directly towards providing education, clean water and sanitation, healthcare initiatives, alternative income programs and food security to the children and families in Mondaña, Ecuador, helping to break the cycle of poverty forever.



Join the movement and start your own MINGA today to help transform the village of Mondaña. www.changeheroes.com/minga