The Power of Your WE Day Bracelet!

This year’s ticket to change the world is the brand new WE Day bracelet!

The WE Day Bracelet is so much more than a bracelet! It’s your ticket to WE Day, your unique empowerment tool to change the world and a memory-maker! When you wear your bracelet, you’re able to enter the WE Day venue with thousands of other youth and educators. You’re also able to access various kiosks throughout the venue that you and your friends can interact with.

And since WE Day will be bigger than ever before this year, you want your memories to last a lifetime! Once you find a kiosk that you’re interested in interacting with, you simply scan your bracelet, and away you go! Some kiosks will allow you to connect with educational resources that will help you become a global citizen, while at others you can take photos of your WE Day experience and directly share them through your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and of course, We365. But wait, there’s more! By using your bracelet throughout the venue you can also win exciting ME to WE and Free The Children prizes, such as a school visit from Spencer West.

Your bracelet also kicks off your year of action. For every download of We365, TELUS will donate $5 to WE Day and other educational programs. Awesome!

A tiny bracelet can have a BIG impact! Register your bracelet at to access new opportunities at this year’s WE Day.


WE Day is free of charge to the thousands of students and educators in attendance, thanks to the generous support of sponsors led in Saskatchewan by Regional Title Sponsor PotashCorp and nationally by Co-Title Sponsors RBC and TELUS. Learn more about WE Day Saskatchewan.

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