Off the Stage: Being Different is OK

Ezra Frech hurtles past physical disability & champions hope like a pro.


Ezra Frech loves sports.

He’s set 7 national track & field records, has been the starting quarterback for his school’s flag football team, has a blue belt in Karate, and led his summer basketball team to an undefeated record. These are just a “few” of his accomplishments so far, but clearly he’s got mad sports skills. However, if you looked at his medical history, it doesn’t exactly scream—athlete.

Here’s the deal: Ezra was born missing his knee, left fibula, and fingers on his left hand. He’s had a series of surgeries and prosthetics since then, but if you ask Ezra, he doesn’t consider himself disabled.

Ezra beat the odds. He’s an athlete.

Oh, and he’s also a motivational speaker. Since the age of 4, he’s been encouraging peeps with his message “Being Different is OK” and giving the inside scoop on what it’s like to be physically challenged. He’s even been on the Ellen DeGeneres show! Ezra brought his special spark to the WE Day California stage this year, and needless to say, he’s one of our favs.

Check out our #OffTheStage Q&A with Ezra Frech!


You have an amazing perspective on life! Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from my amazing parents. My parents have raised me to be very positive and to think about the good not the bad.

How have sports made an impact on you?
When I play sports I feel comfortable, almost like I am at home. I don’t feel different when I am playing sports, I just feel like another athlete on the court or the field.

Why is giving back important to you?
When I give back I get a feeling of pride because I made someone’s day. I know that when I help someone get active or get into sports it is very important to their lives.

What was it like being on the Ellen show? Did you learn anything from her?
When I was on the Ellen Show it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a great feeling to be on the stage with everyone cheering in the audience. I also learned that Ellen could turn anything into a joke and it was very cool to see that.

What’s your advice for kids who want to make a difference, too?
I want kids to stay positive. If kids or anyone gets to the negative side of the hill, it’s hard to climb to get back to the positive side. If they want to make a difference they have to stay positive and never give up.