Off the Stage: Nick Jonas


Oh, Nick. Just bringing all the levels to WE Day. 

Fun Fact: Nick Jonas has been one of our supporters for quite a few years now. Having performed with his brothers and solo a number of times on our stage. The Levels singer is vocal about more than catchy tunes (that are #onrepeat for days).

After getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Nick decided he wanted to shed light on the autoimmune disease. By sharing his story, he’s helped raise awareness and has become an advocate for others who are living with type 1, too.

Before he blew us all away with his performance at WE Day Toronto, we had a quick chat off stage. Check it out!

You’ve been a huge supporter of WE Day. Thanks! What keeps you coming back?

It’s the relationship I have with the team and the impact that I see it having on a global scale. There’s good that comes from each one of these events. Not just in the room, but when these kids leave and where they go and who they talk to about what they experienced…how they can make an impact. It really is a special thing.

You’ve definitely used your platform to talk about important causes like diabetes awareness. What shifted your thinking from ME to WE?

The thing that shifted my focus had a lot to do with my diagnosis – I’ve been diagnosed with type 1 [diabetes] and I knew that I wanted to do something about it. I viewed it as an opportunity and not as a setback. It’s a way to hopefully encourage people living with this disease or just educate people that aren’t familiar, so there’s more awareness of the day-to-day struggle.




This has been a huge year for you. You bravely stepped out as a solo artist! What’s your advice on how to step out and pursue your dreams?

Try to be fearless! I think the best work no matter what it is, whether it’s music, art or leadership in any capacity, is all about being fearless, doing your best to step outside your comfort zone and do something different that challenges people’s thinking.


Thank you Nick! If you think raising awareness on important issues is as important as Nick, check out WE365 to start taking action. Stay tuned for more backstage convos with our incredible WE Day performers and speakers. 

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