Off the Stage: Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson

It’s always a good time when Tyrese Gibson comes to WE Day! Although you’re probably used to seeing him kick MAJOR butt on the big-screen, you may not know that he has a passion for activism and helping inner-city youth! His foundation, #TheLoveCircle is giving back by working with the Boys & Girls Club of America in South Central, Los Angeles to ensure that the community’s youth will have the tools to reach their dreams.

Is there anything Tyrese can’t do? Last fall, we teamed up with Tyrese to surprise the students of his former high school! Check out the video and see what Living WE is all about:



Tyrese Blog Quote

It was amazing seeing you surprise the students of Locke, and your former high school, Watts, last fall! Why is it important to you to work with WE Day, and help kids reach their dreams?

I think of all things that I love about this organization, it’s kids giving kids permission to be great. When you have insecurities, fears, trauma, [or experience] murder; things that happen on a very life-changing level, and you have a kid come out to share that story and how they were able to get to the other side, it resonates in a very different capacity.

So, I feel like when I look on the stage—yes, people love celebrities, yes, people love seeing kids on their favorite TV shows and music, actors and all the above – but I think other than these temporary fixes of the high of celebrity – what resonates and lasts a lifetime is when they are listening and looking at these video clips: traumatic experiences, challenging experiences, insecurities, being bullied, girl power, boy power, transgendered, and living with disability etc.

The little boy who came on stage last night [at WE Day]: he messed me up and I’m 37! This kid just inspired me. To me, that is where this organization shines. This is a big deal, I’m honoured to be a part of it. My little piece of a piece. We are here giving… to impact lives. You know, I am just happy to be a part of it; happy I measured up.



It is such an honor to have you here. This morning you came with your daughter. Would you be able to tell us how you teach her these things that you are talking about?

To me, it’s moments like these where I am able to expose her to the reality of what is really going on. This is all she has ever known. So, you have to educate them and teach them beyond what they are seeing every day, what they are exposed to everyday. Because what they are doing is normal to them. So for me as a father, having my daughter here is an opportunity to anchor her back to what is really going on.

Thank you, Tyrese! See how we’re changing the world with Tyrese on the WE Day broadcast, August 28 at 7/6C on ABC Network!