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Develop your skills. Make connections. Find a mentor. Become a leader.
WE Charity, our Training and Development is second-to-none in the non-profit sector.
So we know that we have what it takes to help you discover and hone your unique skillset.

Get on Board

Our two-week onboarding experience for new employees—whether career track or entry-level—ensures you understand who we are, what we do and why we do it.

You start this in-depth orientation with a cohort of new employees just like you to help you build strong relationships right from the start.

You’ll sit down with senior leadership in the C-suite and meet with directors of our departments—from Marketing and Communications, to Youth Engagement to WE Day—to make connections between your new role and the goals of the organization.

You’ll get what you’d expect from a growing organization—instruction on using your work laptop, workshops on how to write reports, time block and set priorities—but you’ll also receive coaching on emotional intelligence, sustaining high performance, self-care and discovering the strengths and passions you bring to our team.

Ongoing Training And Development

Whether you’re just starting your work life or joining us for a career-track position, we offer ongoing leadership training, mentorship and coaching so you can master your role.

Staff Care and Engagement

We work hard to make sure that working at WE Charity isn’t just a job by creating an environment that feels like a community. Our staff-care initiatives range from offering healthy snacks during hectic times to providing support to create sustainable high-performance plans. We also create opportunities for staff to come together around outside-of-work interests. Our professional development activities and groups include:

The Green Team

A group of environmentally minded staff has started a community garden, fair-trade and environmentally friendly coffee house events, and, in partnership with other teams, our annual clothing swap!

Culture Advisory Team

Our culture makes us a unique place to work and play. To keep this top-of-mind, we’ve brought together an informal group of staff volunteers—some of the most passionate culture carriers we know—to help guide and advise on cultural events that encourage us to live our core values.

sustainable high performance

We provide sessions to show you how to take care of yourself through nutrition, rest and recovery in peak seasons.

staff parties and celebrations

We like to have fun and to celebrate personal and professional successes and milestones. Birthdays, engagements, baby announcements or meeting a matrix milestone: We like to celebrate.

The Mindfulness Team

Whether taking a walk around the block mindfully, eating a mindful lunch, or taking five to 15 minutes of your day to meditate, this group encourages our staff to take care of themselves so they can take care of their work.

Book Club

Readings and discussions on books provided to staff, including:

  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne
  • Harvard Business Review Case Studies
  • Great by Choice by Jim Collins
guest speakers

A number of business leaders, academics, government leaders, thought leaders—such as Matthew Corrin, founder of Freshii; Lucie Santoro, Administration Director of Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative (MAEI); Stephen Shedletzky, Leadership Speaker and Start with Why Facilitator; and Taylor Conroy, Founder of Change Heroes—share their insights at our retreats, staff meetings, learn and leads.

Leadership Development for Team Players and Team Leaders

management fundamentals

New and seasoned managers are supported with one-on-one coaching, training workshops and resources. Monthly training sessions cover topics such as the fundamentals of people management, coaching your staff for success, giving constructive feedback, having challenging conversations and delivering empowering and effective evaluations.

executive coaching

Managers, Associate Directors and Directors are mentored by organizational expert Dr. David Baum.

mentor match-up

Interested staff is teamed with internal and external mentors from industry leaders in publishing, human resources, marketing and business.

career coaching

All staff has access to Renée Hodgkinson, our in-house certified coach.

learning management system (lms)

Our mobile-friendly online Learning Management System brings “just in time” quality training to all staff, not just managers. Training videos, inspiring articles, surveys, online courses and much more are easily accessible.

peer-led learning

Our diverse and well-travelled team has much to share. We encourage staff to lead their own personal or bi-monthly professional development sessions with the support of our training and development departments. Past peer-led sessions have included Excellence in Excel, Creating Engaging PowerPoint Presentations, and How to Run More Collaborative Meetings.

professional development support fund

We invite staff to submit applications for professional development funding. Through a support fund, staff has taken university, college and professional association workshops and courses.

Ready to Join?

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Meet The Training Team

Alex Meers

Alex Meers

Alex joined WE in 2008 as a facilitator educating youth about leadership and social justice. During his tenure, Alex served in various management capacities and led the We Leadership department for several years, which reached over 90,000 students across North America each year.

Currently, Alex serves as Director of Performance and Organizational Development for WE, supporting employee engagement, talent development and performance management. From Alex, staff can learn about change management, leadership development, and employee engagement.

Dr. David Baum

David is our business consultant and guru of sustainable change. He has two doctorates—one in organizational psychology, the other in divinity—and teaches at the Wharton School of Business, Canada’s Richard Ivey School of Business and Cambridge University. David works closely with the senior leadership team to create tailor-made training seminars. His work has been featured in Fortune, Business Week, The New York Times and the London Times.

From David, staff can learn high-performance techniques, effective leadership styles, how to manage change sustainably and how to improve social capital.

Matt Tod

Matt Tod

Matt is our Director of Training and Development, and a passionate activist and advocate for youth. He’s also an international speaker, having worked with over 65,000 young people (and the young-at-heart) on leadership and emotional learning, among other topics.

From Matt, staff can learn how to maximize professional development opportunities, sustain high performance while maintaining work-life balance, and how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.