WE Day Sponsors


“It’s just a fantastic match for us. All of our people are so excited about it. The impact they have in our management and our partners and suppliers is just immense and just fantastic.”
– David Aisenstat, President & CEO, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

Our Sponsors

At Free The Children, we are proud of the fact that WE Day is a fully sponsored event. We are thankful for our generous sponsors, whose support ensures that none of the money donated to Free The Children for charitable purposes is ever used for WE Day events. In addition, sponsorship allows the events to be fully inclusive and free of charge for the approximately 100,000 youth who attend. The only “cost” involved is that students and school groups attending WE Days must commit to one local and one global action to make their community and world a better place. What’s more, youth are encouraged to support any cause of their choice.

WE Day is a Free The Children initiative. It is produced in partnership with MuchMusic, a property of CTV, Canada’s largest private broadcasting company. MuchMusic and CTV work hard to ensure millions of young Canadians and their families have the opportunity to be inspired by the WE Day experience from the comfort of their living room, or by logging on. Not everyone can go to a WE Day. But, thanks to our friends at CTV who webcast and also produce a special broadcast of the shows, everyone can truly be inspired by the WE Day movement in a significant way.

Our sponsors are taking the lead, as engaged corporate citizens, investing in the youth generation. The resources used to promote the event are often pulled directly from companies’ marketing and advertising budgets that would otherwise be directed to advertising such as billboards, sporting events, magazine ads and more. Sponsoring WE Day provides an opportunity for our partners to spread a positive message and achieve their companies’ tangible social and charitable objectives.

Free The Children is proud to be working with a team of dedicated sponsors who share our ideals and our vision to make WE Day events possible.

Establishing partnerships

Free The Children seeks to partner with companies and organizations with which we share core values. We work with businesses that demonstrate a commitment to and affinity for Free The Children’s mandate and which fit with our programs, mission and fundraising goals.

Prior to forming relationships with partners, Free The Children carries out thorough research on each of its corporate sponsors to ensure alignment in terms of program activities, community development and efforts to remove barriers that prevent all young people from achieving their fullest potential.

The decision to partner is not one we take lightly and the research and proposal process is extensive. We do not complete a one-dimensional scorecard; rather we take a holistic approach through a study of the track-record, mission and commitment of prospective partners.

Our corporate sponsors display community leadership and make a positive contribution to society. Many already have a very long and well established history of commitment to development-related causes.

Watch and hear from WE Day sponsors

WE Day sponsors, supporters and corporate volunteers share their experience at WE Day.[youtubelightbox url=”http://videos5.freethechildren.com/watch/wedaycorporatefinal/?iframe=true&width=450&height=300″]WE Day


Become a Sponsor!

Our sponsors make WE Day possible. Sponsoring WE Day provides corporate partners, foundations and donors with the opportunity to take a leading role in empowering youth, promoting volunteerism and building communities across North America and the UK.

Click here to learn more about partnerships with Free The Children and WE Day or contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, benefits and the change that you can make!


“I think [WE Day is] fantastic, and every year when you come to WE Day, you always think that it cannot get better than this … and it does! And it gets better and better every year. The energy in the room is absolutely incredible. I work for Air Canada and we are proud of our investments with Free The Children. Every year we want to do more because we see the benefit of it. You see, the more you are involved with organizations such as Free The Children, the more your employees want to get involved.”                                              – Micheline Villeneuve, Head of Air Canada Kids’ Horizons

“I love coming to WE Day. I think it’s important to change the hearts of the first world to change to third world. I think Club Penguin and Free The Children are on similar journey. We are working with children and we are changing the world that they live in, in terms of entertaining and in terms of values. We heard amazing stories from people who are actually on the front lines and who are making changes in all these areas.”     – Dave Krysko, co-founder of Club Penguin

“It’s just wonderful to be in the midst of a young group of change makers. The crowds are wild and they love this day. It’s marvelous. It’s extraordinary. What’s lovely about this event is that those who spoke on the stage learned as much as those in the audience because there is a wonderful exchange and people here are committed.  And they are passionate about what they do and they believe in social action.”     – Susanne Boyce, former President Creative, Content and Channels, CTV

“WE Day is an extraordinary day when our employees get the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the incredible movement of Free The Children. OMERS has been involved with WE Day for the past three years and have had many volunteers from across the country contribute to the powerful energy that is created through this day. Our volunteers come back excited and moved by their remarkable experience at WE Day.” – OMERS Worldwide Team

“Our Keg Spirit Foundation was founded with the objective of getting the thousands of young employees involved in giving back. What Marc and Craig are doing in the broader community very much mirrors what we are trying to do in our small little community at The Keg. It’s just a fantastic match for us. All of our people are so excited about it. The impact that WE Day has on our management and our partners and suppliers is immense and fantastic.” – David Aisenstat, President & CEO, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

“WE Day gives you the fuel for the entire year to take action. We really love being a part of it because we can take action from what we hear today and use the materials that Free The Children provides along with the inspiring stories we have heard throughout the year. WE Day helps us all understand that we are all part of something much bigger and greater.” – Nicole Rustad, Club Penguin