(video description: WE Org)

Video: WE logo. Dissolve to: several shots from around the world. Text: “we explore”.

Several shots of African women making beaded items. Text: “we empower.

Several shots of school life and learning. Text: “we educate”.

Several shots of people living and helping those living there. Text: “we experience”.

Several shots of products. Text: “we innovate”. Several shots of explorers. Text: “we overcome”.

People make an anti-bullying sign. Text: “we stand up”.

Shots of a mother holding her baby. Text: “we nurture”.

Shots of farms and gardens. Text: “we nourish”.

Shots of a mother with her two children. Text: “we grow”.

Another mother kisses her baby. Text: “we love”.

Shots of several different people. Text: “we are united”.

Several shots of people dancing. Text: “we dance”.

Shots of large crowds in arenas. Text: “we celebrate”.

Shots of several different singers onstage. Text: “we sing”.

Shots of several different motivational speakers. Text: “we inspire”.

Shot of an aerialist.

Out of focus shot of a large filled arena. Text: “amazing things happen”.

Shots of a graduation ceremony. Text: “when WE work together”.

Several shots of people building a building.

Shots of people cleaning up outside.

Shots of kids in school and education.

Shots of people walking and laughing.

Shot of an out of focus mosaic. Text: “it all starts with WE”.

Zoom into mosaic to reveal several shots of children and people laughing and hugging.

Shots of children playing.

Fast cuts of many different images.

High angle shot of several dozen people standing on a large field in a large W shape.)

(video: WE logo. Fade to black.)