(video description: WE Scare Hunger)

(video: Fade up from black to: animation of a piece or red paper unfolding to reveal text: “WE PRESENTS…”. Various images and partial images slide in as strips from either side. The strips slide out to reveal white text on a red BG: “WE SCARE HUNGER”. Camera pans down and it’s obvious we are focusing on various panels in a comic book. Camera settles on a panel where an image of a can of peas, a can of soup and a box of cereal grow. Text: “IT TAKES A REAL HERO”. Slide to another panel with the text: “TO STAND UP TO HUNGER”. A food can bumps into a green figure with the letter H on him. Text: “POW”. Slide to another panel: a globe spins as three entities zoom toward Earth. Text: MILLIONS AROUND THE WORL GO HUNGRY EVERY DAY…”. Page flip transition to new page and new panel: a city-scape. Slide to another panel: blue cloud with yellow text overtop: “THIS HALLOWEEN”. Slide up to another panel: the green figure with the letter H on his stomach. Text: “STOP HUNGER IN ITS TRACKS”.
Page transition to new panel: a man and woman hold boxes of food items in their arms. Text: “COLLECT NON PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS FOR YOUR LOCAL FOOD BANK”. Slide down to to panels. top one has the text: “LEARN MORE AT…” and the lower panel has the text: “WE.ORG”. Slide to new panel with title card: “WE SCARE HUNGER, AN INITIATIVE OF WE (logo)”. Title card expands to full screen. Fade to black)