What is AP® with WE Service?

AP® with WE Service is an exciting enhancement that your AP® teacher can add to your existing AP course that offers you the opportunity to engage in service learning outside of the classroom. We are excited to announce that AP with WE Service is now available in ALL AP Courses. By incorporating service learning into existing AP courses, you are able to learn about social issues while earning an AP with WE Service Recognition on your AP Score Report and high school transcript. You will spend up to 10 hours in-class examining the root causes of social issues that connect to your AP course and planning actions that you can take to make a difference in your community – locally, nationally, and globally. You then will spend approximately 20 hours outside of the classroom completing a related service project. Through this program you will gain a deeper understanding of how your classroom work applies to the real world, while working closely with your teacher and peers. This program will give you an opportunity to deepen your leadership and social skills, critical thinking abilities and civic engagement. By taking an AP with WE Service course, you will be empowered to take action and create a better world while broadening your college, university, and career choices.

Visit the College Board website to learn more about AP® with WE Service and encourage your AP teacher to sign up for AP® with WE Service to start your service learning journey today!

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What are AP® with WE Service Students Saying?


“So much of high school has been about doing well. AP® with WE Service doesn’t just push students to do well – it pushes students to do good. When students see the tangible impact they are able to leave on their communities, it inspires them to do even more good; service becomes part of their lifestyle. AP Environmental Science is an important class because environmental problems are world problems – they affect us, our communities, and our future generations. But, only when we apply our knowledge to the world outside our classrooms will we fully grasp this concept.”

—Jessica, Student, AP® Environmental Science with WE Service
Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, CA

“I think AP® with WE Service is perfect for an AP Human Geography class. Not only does it make the course easier to understand, but it’s also helpful to others. Our class shows us the world for how it is and we learn not just the good, but the reality. AP with WE Service is a beautiful example of people putting their intelligence together in order to better the world in which we live. I am proud of everyone and anyone who is a part of trying to better our one home. With so much suffering in the world, I think everyone could use a hand, and AP® with WE Service is a great way to start.”

—Jocelyn, Student, AP® Human Geography with WE Service
John H. Francis Polytechnic High School, Sun Valley, CA

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Get involved with WE

WE makes doing good doable. With WE Charity, we empower change with resources that create sustainable impact. We do this through domestic programs like WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages.


Take your service learning further and travel overseas with a purpose!

Our immersive ME to WE volunteer trips leave an impact on both the traveler and the community they visit. By working side-by-side with locals on international development projects, students develop leadership skills and practical experience on sustainable living, not to mention life-changing memories that can only come from traveling with purpose. Travel alone or enlist your AP class to come with you!

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Not Your Typical Summer Camp


Take Action Camp is about discovering your passion, building your confidence and developing your leadership skills so that you can make a difference in your local and global community—all while forming a network of true and loyal friends. This is a place where you can be yourself and reveal the world-changer within!

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Enlist your friends in the WE movement through WE Schools

You don’t need to be an AP student to make a difference in your local and global community. Tell any teacher about the WE Schools program and grow the movement of passionate students who are making a difference in their local and global communities!

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