Bring Service Learning to Your AP® Classroom

Made possible through an exclusive partnership between the College Board and WE, AP® with WE Service is a new program that offers AP teachers the opportunity to incorporate service learning into their existing AP courses. Service learning is an academic pedagogy rooted in the classroom, and led by a teacher. Currently available for six AP courses, after opting in to the program, educators will select from one of two curriculum modules that have been thoughtfully developed by the College Board, WE, and active AP teachers to align with the AP® Course Framework, as well as enable teachers and students to examine and engage with relevant coursework through both a local and global context. Teachers are expected to spend up to 10 hours of in-class instruction working through the curriculum module, while students will spend an additional 20 hours outside of the classroom completing service learning related projects.

Each AP® with WE Service module aligns with the AP course’s learning objectives, while focusing on a local, national, or global issue. Using the WE Learning Framework and additional resources, teachers can lead their students through the topics in ALL AP Courses because AP with WE Service is now available in all courses!

AP® with WE Service Student Recognition

In order for students to receive an AP® with WE Service recognition on their AP® Score Reports, teachers will evaluate student performance using an existing rubric aligned to the following criteria:


Part 1: Investigate and Learn

With a teacher’s guidance, students explore a social issue at a local and global level, and within the context of the AP course curriculum. Students evaluate existing service programs that take action on the topic, and make connections between the topic and the AP course content.

Part 2: Action Plan

Students develop an achievable plan to carry out one local and one global action.

Part 3: Take Action

Students put their plans into action to create change locally and globally.

Part 4: Report and Celebrate

Students create a portfolio that showcases their service learning project and participate in an activity that commemorates their work with the program.

Record and Reflect:

Throughout their AP® with WE Service course, students will maintain a log of activities related to their service learning project and teachers will upload their rubric results into an online system.


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What are AP® teachers saying?

“My students worked very hard this year. They have a rich grasp and understanding of current events in Latin America, and they are able to tie in the culture to the community service. As a result, they have gained an understanding on how to be in charge of something bigger than them. They expressed this to me just by their actions. They strategize on how to collectively create something meaningful to them, all the while using the language. The resources were so useful. As much as we would like to put things like this together ourselves, it takes so much time. AP® with WE Service provided such rich and authentic resources, and helped with the process of creating a project that provided cultural immersion without leaving the country.”

—Jenny, Teacher, AP® Spanish Language & Culture with WE Service
Cherry Hill High School West, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Some of my students who have struggled with traditional assessments have shined with service learning, which has enhanced their confidence and subsequent performance in the classroom context as well. A few students have discovered causes for which they are passionate and will remain engaged with long beyond the project timeline.”

—Allison, AP® Human Geography Teacher
duPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY

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WE makes doing good doable. With WE Charity, we empower change with resources that create sustainable impact. We do this through domestic programs like WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages.


The WE Schools Program

The WE Schools program is available to you and your class, even if you’re not an AP teacher! Our WE Schools program is designed to help all students become leaders in their local and global communities through educational resources and service campaigns. Learn more about how you can further your students’ learning and help them develop the life skills for success through the WE Schools program.

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Travel with Purpose on a ME to WE Service Trip

Meaningful travel is about being a part of something larger than yourself. On a ME to WE immersive volunteer trip, work alongside community members on a sustainable development project and witness firsthand how communities are coming together to help break the cycle of poverty. Embark on an incredible journey with some of your students or your entire class through a school trip to Kenya, India, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Rural China, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, or the Amazon.

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WE Day Celebrates Change-Makers

WE Day is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities. It is a powerful, life-changing event that combines the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of extraordinary stories of leadership and change from world-renowned speakers and award-winning performers. By participating in AP® with WE Service, you have earned a chance to win tickets to a WE Day near you! Contact [email protected] to find out more.

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