More than just a job

WE is a positive, vibrant community of people who care about each other and about making the world a better place.

WE Culture

WE is a lively, vibrant community of people who care about each other, their local community and giving back.

In 2018, the HR management firm Knightsbridge was engaged by WE to conduct a rapid culture pulse check for the organization. Their findings included the following observations:

“Employees of all tenures described WE as a unique culture with contagious energy stemming from employees’ unified passion to make a difference, both in their local community and world wide. The organization is highly mission-driven; employees’ personal values align to the organization’s mission, they are able to live their values at work, and they feel as though the work they do at WE is more meaningful than it would be elsewhere (especially at a for-profit organization) because of its focus on making a positive impact. Employees appreciate that WE’s organizational norms and cultural attributes are collaborative, and describe a culture of generally high appreciation of employees. They report experiencing an entrepreneurial culture that provides them with unique opportunities for personal and career growth, and they appreciate the travel perqs, participation in WE Days and other events, and above all the fulfillment they experience by making a difference. Employees derive high value from being a part of an organization where they can make a significant impact, locally and globally. It is primarily these attributes that draw people to the organization and retain them.”

From a start-up culture to people-first organization

Over the past 23 years, WE has grown from a volunteer-run group started by 12-year-old school kids into an organization with over 1,000 employees in North America, the UK and our country offices in Africa, Ecuador and India. In addition, the WE family of employees has expanded to include over 1,200 staff alumni who have gone on to their next career or returned to school, and who continue to stay connected to each other and to our organization through our active alumni network. (See the Alumni page to find over 100 stories from alumni as they share their experience at WE.)

In support of our mission and our team, our goal as an organization is to build a rewarding employee experience where people love coming to work, know how to be successful, and strive for excellence to drive WE’s mission.

Job Rewards

Staff at WE enjoy a number of benefits and rewards—from health and dental coverage and an EAP program to flexible work hours, travel opportunities and special discounts.

Some top WE rewards include:

  • Birthdays off, and holiday shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s (which does not count toward your vacation days).
  • Chances to travel to visit WE’s projects overseas: traveling on a staff trip to Kenya, India or Ecuador (all on-the-ground costs covered by the organization) or facilitating a group of young people, corporate employees or families.
  • Opportunities to interact with and learn from WE’s celebrity ambassadors.
  • Invites to WE Day events, staff socials and parties, as well as special experiences when working WE Days across North America and the UK.

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