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WE Charity began as a labour of love—a collection of passionate volunteers working in a living room and compensated in pizza. Over more than 20 years, WE has grown and matured into an organization of more than 1000 paid employees around the globe.

Thousands of team members have been employed by the organization in the past two decades, and we are thrilled to see where many of these former colleagues have ended up in their careers. WE has an active alumni network to keep people connected.

Our People Operations and Culture team today possesses more than 50 years of collective experience in human resource management, with accreditations including Certified Human Resource Professional, Certified Human Resource Leader and Global Professional in Human Resources. They ensure that WE is not only in full compliance with labour laws and industry standards for compensation and benefits, but also strives every day to exceed those standards to provide a rewarding working environment for our incredible team of change-makers.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that WE has thrice been recognized as one of Canada’s top employers for young people, and twice as one of Canada’s 10 most admired corporate cultures

In receiving these awards, along with many others WE has won, the organization has undergone a variety of culture, HR, financial and management evaluations in a rigorous, independent and non-biased manner. WE was recently recognized as the first organization in history to be awarded the “Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal,” after an extensive independent evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

WE is looking to offer all employees a comprehensive total compensation package which comprises more than just a base salary. The entry-level salary for full-time WE team members starts at $35,000. All employees also receive an annual total rewards package valued at $5,000 which includes a competitive health and dental plan at no cost to our employees. In addition to paid vacation, all employees are given their birthdays off and WE has a holiday shut down in December. Staff in non-management roles receive lieu time when they work overtime. The average salary at WE is competitive within the non-profit industry. WE balances the salaries of our employees while ensuring that administrative costs are low and the quality of our development programs high. WE bench-marks our salaries using industry salary surveys like the Toronto Board of Trade reports.

WE is a unique employer. Whether you work for WE Charity or the social enterprise, ME to WE, we are all driving towards our goal of creating a community of 100 million people who care and act. We know that it is our employees who make doing good doable for the millions who are part of the WE movement.

Many of our employees do not see themselves as simply taking a job or getting a paycheque. They see their employment with WE as a mission. Because of this, WE has created a very unique employment experience.

In addition to salary, WE further offers an industry-competitive total health and wellness package and a host of other benefits and perks, generally up to a value of $5000. Our Employee Value Proposition includes (but is not limited to):

  • Birthdays off, and holiday shutdown between Christmas and New Year (which does not count towards allocated vacation days)
  • Chances to travel to visit WE’s projects overseas: traveling on a staff trip to Kenya, India or Ecuador (all on-the-ground costs covered by the social enterprise) or optional opportunities to facilitate a group of young people, corporate employees or families who are traveling on ME to WE trips (with associated costs offset by ME to WE)
  • Opportunities to interact with and learn from WE’s celebrity ambassadors, top executives and renowned leaders who regularly mentor and share their leadership experiences with our staff. Many of these leaders will join our staff for Professional Development workshops. What’s more, WE maintains a video catalogue of these speakers so that employees can see them in all offices and region
  • Invites to WE Day events, staff socials and parties, as well as special experiences when working WE Days across North America and the UK
  • In addition to a base salary, WE also offers an industry-competitive total health and wellness package and a host of other benefits and perks, generally up to an annual additional value of $5000. This includes:
    • An employee-assistance program to support our team’s individual mental health
    • An in-house fitness center in Toronto and wellness programs like yoga, and free memberships with Goodlife Fitness in Canada, Energie Cardio in Quebec, and 24-Hour Fitness in the U.S.
    • As well, through partnerships, WE provides extensive perks like retail, dining and entertainment free offers and/or discounts. Worth thousands of dollars, these perks and benefits help offset factors that contribute to the cost of living for our team
  • WE team members offered “Sustainable High Performance” training workshops. Similarly, engagement with:
    • Leading experts, regular sessions on self-care and mindfulness
    • Healthy snacks during busy seasons and opportunities to stay fit with a fitness center in the Toronto office
    • Free gym memberships
  • WE has a team dedicated to the learning and development of staff, providing sessions on a range of topics, form our three-day onboarding orientation, people and time management, emotional intelligence and everything in between
  • In the last two years, we have introduced a new program called Growth and Success Plans. This process ensures that all employees are clear on their work and contributions and that they are having regular career conversations with their manager. WE feels that the Growth and Success Plans program is working because in our last survey 83% of employees stated they had clear goals and priorities
  • In order to grow our junior team, they are regularly paired with more senior team members who act as mentor’s and coaches

The People Operations and Culture team ensures that WE is not only in compliance with labour laws and industry standards for compensation and benefits, but also strives every day to exceed those standards and to provide a rewarding work environment for our incredible team of change-makers. WE routinely seeks the guidance and advice of outside specialists from leading human resources consultants as well as legal support from the Appiah Law Employment and Labour Counsel. Most recently, WE underwent an Employment Legislation audit completed by Singh Lamarche LLP. Singh Lamarche that stated our policies were not only compliant with the employment legislation, but that they were a “gold standard” insofar as showing our commitment to employee protection and accommodation. WE is regularly audited by the CRA, which ensures we are compliant with laws for all payroll practices.

Whether it’s the female department heads and directors who make up 77 percent of our leadership, being selected three times as a Top Employer for Young People or named as one of Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures, our impressive numbers help tell the story of our employee experience. So do the results of our recent anonymous staff survey executed by a third-party organization*:

  • 1,000+ employees with a passion for change
  • 84% of our senior leadership team are women
  • 78% of employees say they “love their job”
  • 98% of WE employees believe they are making a positive change in the world because of their work
  • 91% of WE employees feel a personal connection to the work we do
  • 80% of WE employees see a future for themselves with WE
  • 87% of our team say they are personally engaged with the work they do

*Please note that the standard methodology used is sentiment analysis. There are 4 answers for each question. If the respondent answers in the first 2 boxes – these are considered as positive sentiment. The results above are an aggregate percentage of employees who responded positively to the survey questions.

WE has made a huge investment in organizational leadership.

Our senior leaders—the section ‘Heads’—all have at least 10 years’ experience in their fields. They serve as mentors, providing training and guidance to our directors and junior managers.

WE has a team dedicated to the learning and development of staff, providing sessions on a range of topics, form our three-day onboarding orientation, people and time management, emotional intelligence and everything in between.

Absolutely. WE believes that one of our core assets is our diverse workforce. Diversity is a business priority fundamental to our success. For example, we are incredibly proud to say that 84 percent of our senior leadership team are women.

Our policies are built to foster a welcoming and inclusive working environment, including flexible holidays to accommodate all faiths, and accommodations in working environment for our team members with disabilities or accessibility requirements.

WE is a first job for many young people, attracted to social enterprise and non-profit work. Our organization provides a strong base and training across so many disciplines—education, philanthropy, retail, leadership, international development, marketing and communications, to name a few. Many of our staff grow their career by moving between departments within WE, expanding their knowledge base.

WE seeks to retain young talent and provide them with learning and development opportunities and career growth. Among those on a “career track”, it is not uncommon to stay at WE 3, 5, 10+ years. For example, we have a very significant core group of employees who have been here 15+ years. Career track employees are compensated competitively within the sector.

For many individuals, WE is not only a place of work, but also a family. The organization recently had out first retiree after 18 years of service, which was a true milestone.

In the most recent organization-wide employee engagement survey, 80% of WE team members said they see themselves staying with WE for the foreseeable future. 87% of our team said they are personally engaged by the work they do—an impressive result for any organization or company!

In compliance with the Employment Standards Act, WE does not engage unpaid interns.

WE does offer some paid co-operative education placement opportunities, as well short-term placements for post-secondary students, for course credit.