Learn more about the advantages of working at WE

WE Charity began as a labour of love—a collection of passionate volunteers working in a living room and compensated in pizza. Over more than 20 years, WE has grown and matured into an organization of more than 600 paid employees around the globe.

Thousands of team members have been employed by the organization in the past two decades, and we are thrilled to see where many of these former colleagues have ended up in their careers. WE has an active alumni network to keep people connected.

Our People Operations and Culture team today possesses more than 50 years of collective experience in human resource management, with accreditations including Certified Human Resource Professional, Certified Human Resource Leader and Global Professional in Human Resources. They ensure that WE is not only in full compliance with labor laws and industry standards for compensation and benefits, but also strives every day to exceed those standards to provide a rewarding working environment for our incredible team of change-makers.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that WE has thrice been recognized as one of Canada’s top employers for young people, and twice as one of Canada’s 10 most admired corporate cultures

In receiving these awards, along with many others WE has won, the organization has undergone a variety of culture, HR, financial and management evaluations in a rigorous, independent and non-biased manner. WE was recently recognized as the first organization in history to be awarded the “Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal,” after an extensive independent evaluation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team at WE is passionate, driven and dynamic.

WE is all about having the greatest possible impact, so you could say our team works to the impact, not to the clock! Whether it’s setting up for another WE Day, traveling to deliver inspiring talks to school and youth groups, working with companies to engage their employees in giving back or working with partner communities around the world to deliver education, food, water, health, and opportunity, WE team members put in the hours needed to make the world a better place.

We provide our team with leadership opportunities and great responsibilities because we know they rise to the occasion. We reward that dedication and hard work with a total compensation package that goes well beyond base salary.

And you won’t find a friendlier, more caring work environment anywhere. In a recent organization-wide survey, 98% of WE team members said they enjoy working with their colleagues at WE.

The average starting salary for full-time WE team members at the entry level is in the mid-30s range, for a 40-hour work week. Recognizing rising costs of living, especially for most our team who live and work in major urban centers, our total salaries have seen an approximate 5% increase since 2016. In addition, staff in non-management roles receive lieu time when they work overtime.

The average salary at WE is competitive within the non-profit industry but, of course, lower compared to other sectors in an effort to keep administrative costs low and the quality of programs high. Many of our senior team members, often coming in from the corporate sector, have generously chosen to take pay cuts in order use their professional skills to advance the mission of WE.

In addition to salary, WE further offers an industry-competitive total health and wellness package and a host of other benefits and perks, generally up to a value of $5000. These include an employee-assistance program to support our team’s individual mental health, an in-house fitness center and wellness programs like yoga, and free memberships with Goodlife Fitness in Canada, Energie Cardio in Quebec, and 24-Hour Fitness in the U.S. As well, through our corporate partnership, WE provides seasonal perks like retail, dining and entertainment discounts. Worth thousands of dollars, these perks and benefits help offset factors that contribute to the cost of living for our team.

And of course, WE team members have access to unique and unparalleled travel opportunities through our overseas programs, gaining invaluable international experience that will benefit them throughout their lives and careers. Every two years, all team members in Canada, the U.S. and UK receive a trip to one of the developing countries in which we work.

WE routinely seeks the guidance and advice of outside specialists from leading human resources consultants as well as legal support from the Appiah Law Employment and Labour Counsel. WE regularly undergoes CRA audits, which ensure we are compliant with laws for all payroll practices.

There is no better place to start your career than WE. The skills and work ethic, not to mention the invaluable friendships you make and networking connections you build, will serve you for the rest of your life.

In an independently-conducted survey, WE Team members overwhelmingly agreed that working at WE had improved their:

  • communication skills (reported by 90% of WE team members surveyed)
  • ability to work effectively with a team (86%)
  • ability to multitask (85%)
  • problem-solving skills (85%)
  • relationship building and networking skills (84%)

WE has made a huge investment in organizational leadership.

Our senior leaders—the section ‘Heads’—all have at least 10 years’ experience in their fields. They serve as mentors, providing training and guidance to our directors and junior managers.

Our in-house training team ensures that our managers are always developing professionally, supporting them with training in key skills like coaching and performance management, so they in turn can support their teams to grow and succeed, reaching their full potential.

Absolutely. WE believes diversity is a business priority fundamental to our success. For example, we are incredibly proud to say that 77% of our leadership team are women.

Our policies are built to foster a welcoming and inclusive working environment, including flexible holidays to accommodate all faiths, and accommodations in working environment for our team members with disabilities or special needs.

WE also maintains rigorous policies to ensure a safe and harassment-free working environment for our team. This includes our gold standard Child and Youth Protection Policy, developed in partnership with the recognized experts Plan to Protect. This policy ensures the highest levels of protection and security, both for the young people we work with, and for our own team.

WE is a first job for many young people, attracted to social enterprise and non-profit work. Our organization provides a strong base and training across so many disciplines—education, philanthropy, retail, leadership, international development, marketing and communications, to name a few. Many of our staff grow their career by moving between departments within WE, expanding their knowledge base. Others return to school to pursue a graduate degree, enter the teaching profession, or make their new career move. The initial training, skills and knowledge people acquire here makes a WE employee a prize catch for any organization or company.

WE seeks to retain the best of our younger staff and provides them with career opportunities and further training and employment opportunities. Among those on a career track, it is not uncommon to stay at WE 5, 10, or 15+ years. For many individuals, WE is not only a place of work, but also a family. The organization recently had out first retiree after 18 years of service, which was a true milestone.

In the most recent organization-wide survey, 80% of WE team members said they see themselves staying with WE for the foreseeable future. 87% of our team said they are personally engaged by the work they do—an impressive result for any organization or company!

In compliance with the Employment Standards Act, WE does not engage unpaid interns.

WE does offer some paid co-operative education placement opportunities, as well short-term placements for post-secondary students, for course credit.