Kim Plewes

Senior Advisor. WE Activist. Advocate. Leader.

Kim Plewes has been a leading voice in the WE movement for nearly two decades. From the steps of Parliament to Kenyan hillsides shaded by acacia trees, she’s spent her remarkable career working alongside, learning from and mentoring incredible change-makers who are charting a path for the next generation. She passionately believes that all people—regardless of age, gender or circumstances—can make a difference in the world. Kim herself, a lifelong champion and advocate of women’s empowerment, is an inspiring example of this.

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Speach Topics

Customizable to fit your needs, both of Kim’s powerful speeches will offer a fresh and inspiring perspective on her topics.

Women’s empowerment: Enriching the dialogue

In this moving speech, Kim shares the lessons she’s learned from the many important women in her life and the mentors she’s met across 60 countries. Her inspiring talk offers simple ways that youth, families and companies can create meaningful change, and leaves her audiences with actionable ideas to help enrich their personal conversations and discover their purpose.

WE movement: The power one person has to change the world

Whether you’re hoping to find personal meaning or a new way to give back, this talk will show all audiences that everyone has the power to make a difference. Kim shares the tools and motivation needed to leverage your gifts into an action plan with the potential to change the world.