In 2015, WE Charity celebrated its 20th anniversary and two decades of transformative local and global impacts. As part of this exciting milestone, we articulated a bold vision for the future: to empower an entire generation of young people and transform education both locally and globally. Our 20th anniversary vision would not have been possible without the generous support, time and collaboration of incredible partners.

WE Global Learning Centre
WE Global Learning Centre

The establishment of the WE Global Learning Center was made with an initial landmark gift of $15 million from long-time supporters Hartley Richardson, The Richardson Foundation and David Aisenstat. Their actions inspired a remarkable community of like-minded change-makers to come together to bring this vision to life. Their collective generosity has allowed WE to expand its service-learning programs for young people, educators, families and more, and to build an international hub for people who want to change the world. We are grateful to all those who have provided their tremendous support for this important project. To learn more, visit

Thank you to our generous donors!

“We are so grateful for leaders like Hartley and David who believe in the ability young people have to create and lead meaningful change through service-learning opportunities. The WE Global Learning Center marks a major milestone in our 20-year history of empowering young people to become active agents of change.”

Scott Baker, WE Charity Executive Director

Wall of Corporate Champions
Wall of Corporate Champions
WE Charity would like to thank the following Founding Visionaries, who helped establish the concept of a permanent home for the organization and have made this dream possible

Hartley, Heather, Aidan, Thor and Celine Richardson The Richardson Foundation | David Aisenstat | The Gilgan Family The Modesto and Filomena Romano Family | The Rumi Foundation The Losani Family

WE would also like to thank its Founding Corporate Champions for their tremendous support for this world-changing project

Royal Bank of Canada | TELUS | Microsoft Siemens Canada | Cisco | TriAxis Construction Ltd. | Teknion SMART Technologies | Ryerson University | Office Source k2 designworks Inc. | Downing Street | BIG Digital Corp Applied Electronics

WE also gratefully acknowledges the following Founding Family Champions for their support in bringing this space for change-makers to life

Craig Burkinshaw | Jennifer Tory | The Rothney Family Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation

Thank you to our supporters at home and around the world

Domestic Donors Fondation René Malo The Guatto Family The McKillen Family The Merrifield Family The Rousseau Family The Silver Family The Slaight Foundation

International Supporters CHG Healthcare Services Jolene McCaw Family Foundation Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation Modesto and Filomean Romano Family The Barnello Family The Barnes Family The Beck Family The Caldwell Family The Cordy Family The Feltch Family The Green Family The Henry Family The Jones Family The Klamar Family The Losani Family The Morrison Family The Narayen Family The Priestner Family The Richardson Family The Rotman Family The Sandberg-Goldberg Family The Sprott Family The Tory Family

More than a headquarters

Craig Kielburger and Penny Oleksiak speaking at WE Global Learning Centre
Craig Kielburger and Penny Oleksiak speaking at WE Global Learning Centre

The WE Global Learning Center is the destination for anyone who wants to learn about the world and how to make a difference. It is the ultimate field trip for schools seeking to understand global issues and how to act on them, and an inspiring place for businesses to hold staff retreats to learn about socially conscious leadership. Schools and groups can participate via digital classrooms, using technology that supports the delivery of leadership training and professional development, no matter where they are in the world.

Some of the features you'll find at the WE Global Learning Center