Together, we can create sustainable impact through education

Twenty-five years ago, 12-year-old Craig Kielburger founded WE Charity to prevent children from entering child labor. But he quickly realized that to do that he had to break the cycle of poverty, which starts with education. When children are educated, they’re armed with the tools to create transformative futures for themselves and those around them. Since then, WE has worked with community members to build primary and secondary schools as part of our five-pillar sustainable development model, WE Villages, which focuses on improving access to education, clean water, food, health care and opportunity. Today, we’re proud to celebrate our first post-secondary institution, WE College.

We’ve been partnering with communities in Kenya for decades, supporting students at our primary schools through to secondary school and now through WE College to become the next generation of educators, engineers, nurses and more. Currently, all of our students are women and are on full scholarships; once the school is completed, we will become a co-ed college with six faculties: Business and Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Public Health, Technical Studies and Education. At WE College, our work comes full circle as the graduates from these programs will continue creating sustainable development in rural regions.

When you support education, you’re helping to break the cycle of poverty.

The impact of education

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