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Made possible by RBC Future Launch, the WE Are Social Entrepreneurs program is designed to help young Canadians create social change through their business ideas. In partnership with WE, RBC is supporting up-and-coming social entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world.

RBC Future Launch: Dear Future

Through the WE Are Social Entrepreneurs program, RBC Future Launch is helping youth redefine their future. The journey begins by realizing the power of combining what you want to BE and what you BELIVE in – it’s called Social Entrepreneurship.

Meet Maddi, Founder of Maddi’s Hugs

After her heart surgery, Maddi met many young people like her who felt scared, and all she wanted to do was just give them a hug. Combining her dream to become a designer with her passion for helping others, she founded Maddi’s Hugs, a line of scarves to help kids feel more safe and secure.

No tourists. No tour buses.
No tourists. No tour buses.

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