Create a friendlier future for all with TELUS

TELUS is committed to helping end bullying. In partnership with WE, they’re empowering young people with the educational initiatives to stay safe online, promote positivity and #EndBullying.

Meet Max, #EndBullying Ambassador

Max Comtois never thought he would face online bullying, but after experiencing it himself, he realized that it can happen to anyone. Through the WE Rise Above campaign with TELUS, he’s ensuring that no one else has to be a victim. Join him on Team #EndBullying to rise above bullying.

Take a stand to #EndBullying

Every month, one million Canadian kids are affected by cyberbullying. How can you help promote the power of positivity? Take the pledge to #EndBullying, access educational resources that you can use to learn about the issue, and more with TELUS!

No tourists. No tour buses.
No tourists. No tour buses.

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