Help us turn clean water on for people around the world

Clean water is the fastest way to change a life. When communities gain access to clean water, young girls can go to school, women can earn their own income, families gain food security and the health of the entire community improves. You can help create this ripple effect of change. Walk, fundraise or donate and turn clean water on!

Why water

Water is a basic human right, yet more than 840 million people do not have access to clean water.

Be part of an incredible story of change

To get started with your fundraising efforts, download the resources below. They will take you through every step of your WE Walk For Water event!

For Schools

The WE Walk For Water Event Toolkit makes it easy for you to bring WE Walk For Water to your school and classroom. From curriculum that guides your students’ learning to resources that help you bring the walk to life, you’ll find everything you need to host a fun and successful event.

For Companies

Bring WE Walk For Water to your company and office with this comprehensive toolkit, including easy-to-follow steps to launch a successful fundraising campaign.

For Individuals

Organize your own WE Walk For Water event with your family or in your local community. This toolkit includes ideas on how to fundraise, from planning a walk to hosting a fundraising event, and how to set up your online fundraising page.

Learn about water

Since the creation of the WE Villages Water Pillar of Impact, more than one million people have improved access to water, health care and sanitation.