Putting your donations to work for maximum impact

Our world is complex, and truly effective solutions require a holistic approach. That’s what makes WE Charity unique—our full-circle thinking and approach to international development and domestic empowerment programmes. WE Charity works to ensure high impact, accountability, transparency, efficiencies and innovation. Our models of engagement and operations ensure the most effective use of your donations. We help you—whether a student with a jar of pennies or a corporation looking to partner—make the maximum impact on the issues you are most passionate about.

WE Charity Board of Directors

We are fortunate to have a dynamic, dedicated and experienced Board of Directors to help us in our mission to empower all people to change the world, achieving transformative outcomes for themselves and others. Through their expertise, the Board of Directors provides legal and financial oversight to all of WE Charity’s projects and activities in the UK.

Lord Rumi Verjee (Chair of UK Board of Directors) Founder, The Rumi Foundation Area of Expertise: Business, Governance

Craig Burkinshaw Founder, Audley Travel Area of Expertise: Marketing, Business, Social Enterprise, Sales

Pauline Latham Conservative Member of Parliament for Mid-Derbyshire Area of Expertise: Government Relations, International Development, Educational Programming

Michael Comish Entrepreneur in Residence, TPG Area of Expertise: Business, Educational Programming

Carlos Pinto Global Head of Corporate Development, Royal Bank of Canada Area of Expertise: Strategy, Finance

Neil Roskilly CEO, Independent Schools Association Area of Expertise: Educational Programming

Meigan Terry Senior Vice President Global Communications, Scotiabank Area of Expertise: Communications, Sustainability, Employee Engagement, Regulatory Affairs

To view details of our Board of Directors in Canada and the U.S. please click here.

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