The Allstate Foundation: Empowering youth to become compassionate leaders

With the support of The Allstate Foundation, WE Volunteer Now is helping youth build critical social and emotional learning skills, like goal-setting, empathy and relationship-building. With these skills, young people—like Zeke—are leading with compassion and making positive impacts in their local communities and around the world.

Meet the WE Club Vice President of North Monterey Country High School

Zeke is a leading, inspiring force at his high school—you’d never guess the bullying he experienced throughout middle school. But he hasn’t forgotten his past. That’s why he’s launching a positivity takeover on campus.

Meet the students of Mather High School

It’s one of the most diverse schools in the United States, with over 100 nations represented. The school’s WE Club, led by member and photographer Miguel Diaz, is on a mission to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Zac’s Zoo: The legacy of a young change-maker

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, seven-year-old Zac knew he had to do something. He began collecting stuffed animals to help the kids cope and bring comfort. 10,000 stuffed animals later, Zac’s Zoo was created. Sadly, Zac was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident at the young age of 20. But thanks to the Allstate Foundation, WE Volunteer Now and his family, his legacy lives on today.

WE Volunteer Now

Find out how you can get involved below.

Meet Dr. McCoy: he’s spearheading the WE Teachers program in his district
Meet Dr. McCoy: he’s spearheading the WE Teachers program in his district
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