Walgreens is honoring teachers across America

Walgreens knows that teachers do so much more than just teach—they’re leaders, mentors and cheerleaders, empowering their students to be their best every single day and going above and beyond what fits into a simple job description. WE Teachers is a new program made possible by Walgreens that equips educators with the free resources and teacher training they need to help address critical social issues with their students. The program also offers the WE Teachers Award—a $500 Walgreens gift card for classroom supplies—that teachers can apply or be nominated for.

Meet Dr. McCoy: He’s spearheading the WE Teachers program in his district

Dr. McCoy is a shining example of what it means to be more than a teacher. He’s been a WE Schools educator for over five years and has transformed education for thousands of students across eight schools. But he knows that to empower students, first you need to support their teachers—that’s why he’s excited to be the very first district to launch WE Teachers.

Shop. Support. Empower: Supporting teachers through WE Teachers

Teachers across America like Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin, Leonela Garcia and Becky Stein go above and beyond to empower the next generation of leaders. This August, you can support incredible teachers like them by shopping at Walgreen’s for back-to-school supplies. When you shop, your supporting Walgreen efforts in providing teachers free resources, training, awards and more to shake up the classroom and make a meaningful difference! Just look for the Track Your Impact promise.

WE Teachers

Find out how the WE Teachers program is supporting educators with the resources they need.

Meet Dr. McCoy: he’s spearheading the WE Teachers program in his district
Meet Dr. McCoy: he’s spearheading the WE Teachers program in his district
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