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Download our free modules and guide your students or group to discover the issues they care about, challenge themselves and take social action. Our step-by-step digital programming resources make doing good, doable.

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Available as ready-to-use Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, our modules are designed to support students to build the necessary skills for work and life, as outlined in our WE Schools Learning Framework.

Our modules are suitable for KS2 and above, but can be adapted to suit any age group and/or ability.

A student taking part in an activity
A student taking part in an activity

Guide your students to discover the causes they are passionate about through issues-based debates.

Skills Developed: Argument formation, critical thinking, reflection

A group of students sat together
A group of students sat together

Encourage your students to think outside of their comfort zones and reflect on their strengths.

Skills Developed: Argument formation, critical thinking, reflection

Two students sat together
Two students sat together

Support your students to independently plan a project and create a S.M.A.R.T. goal, step-by-step.

Skills Developed: Action planning, critical thinking, leadership organisation, argument formation, critical thinking, reflection

Watch inspirational videos

Watch videos about local and global issues and unlock the causes you care about! Use these videos alongside our digital programming workshops to enhance your students’ learning and make them your own.

Malala Yousafzai on growth
Despite being a Nobel Laureate, Malala continues to learn, every day
Katie Piper on body image
After suffering an acid attack, Katie was left with pyhysical and mental scars
Nikki Christou on self-esteem
After being diagnosed with a rare medical condition, Nikki is taking steps to boost her confidence
Liv Little on equality
Liv couldn't see herself reflected in the mainstream media, so she created her own outlet: gal-dem

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