Embracing what makes each of us unique supports well-being and life satisfaction

Feeling good about ourselves isn’t always easy—pressure from social media to present ourselves in a certain way means that we compare ourselves to others and often feel that we’re falling short. And when we don’t feel good, it’s that much harder to do good.

Change comes from within—by taking time to focus on your self-worth, you’re putting yourself in a better position to help others. Positivity, like laughter, is contagious, and when we radiate self-belief and empowerment, we can inspire others. Research has found that positive attitudes, taking time to reflect and nurturing a wide supportive network actively protects our mental health. Believing in yourself is the first step in creating a more open-minded and inclusive world.

Fast facts

  • Research found that more than half of all young people believe a lack of self confidence holds them back.

  • Girls are happier with their schoolwork than boys, but boys are significantly happier with their appearance.

  • Spending 4 hours or more each day on social media is associated with lower satisfaction with family, appearance, school, and life as a whole.

An isolated issue?

There are a wide range of factors that affect our levels of happiness—family, health, school, friends—the list is broad. The Good Childhood Report 2017 found that one million children and young people are facing seven or more serious problems, making them 10 times more likely to feel unhappy than those with no problems.

It’s time to remove the stigma around speaking up. Creating a safe space in which children and young people can be open and honest about their problems is key to building a community in which people feel supported and empowered.

Become a champion for everyone’s right to feel good by taking action with WE Feel Good.

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