Walk to give water to developing communities.

 A student holding a poster about clean water access
 A student holding a poster about clean water access

Walk to change lives through WE Villages! To date, WE Villages has provided over one million people with access to clean water and sanitation, and we’re just getting started. There are still 840 million people without access to clean water, and we can change that. For every £15 raised, you’ll provide one person with clean water for life!

Why water?

Water is a basic human right, yet more than 840 million people do not have access to clean water.

People worldwide are living without access to clean drinking water

People do not have access to basic sanitation services like toilets or latrines

Of the world’s population are affected by water scarcity

Be part of an incredible story of change

Download our resources and start taking action with WE Walk For Water.

Campaign Resources

The WE Walk For Water Campaign Guide makes it easy for you to bring WE Walk For Water to your school and classroom. From resources that help you bring the walk to life and more, you’ll find everything you need to host a fun and successful event.

Learn about water

Since the creation of the WE Villages Water Pillar of Impact, more than one million people have improved access to water, healthcare and sanitation.

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