Start your journey as a change-maker with this year’s WE Schools Kit

WE Schools provides teachers and students with a range of engaging educational resources, including curriculum-matched lesson plans, and action campaign ideas to help you to change the world. With your interactive WE Schools Kit, you can take the first steps to launching a social action project and making a meaningful impact in your school, community and the wider world. Check out our WE Schools Kit for information about the programme, inspiration and action planning tools. New to WE Schools? Watch the video to learn more.

This year, the WE Schools Kit has gone digital!

This means it’s fully interactive, easier to navigate and packed with links to further resources for online learning. Students can download each guide below as a PDF, record their journey of social action on screen and save their progress. For teachers, hyperlinks to our digital resources and additional opportunities have been included throughout each guide, helping you to navigate our wide range of programme offerings and get more from WE Schools.

WE Schools Kit

Download your free WE Schools Kit

Explore our free WE Schools Kit to learn more about the programme, discover our professional development opportunities and take action with local and global campaigns.

Additional Tools


Check out our action-based campaigns to help you plan one local and one global action to make a difference in your community and the world. Here you will find the resources and ideas to get you started.


Through our collection of videos, your group will find the inspiration they need to begin taking action. Choose one to play for your group, for a school assembly, or even for yourself, and see why taking action on an issue that matters to you is so important.

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