WE makes an impact at home and globally

Our impressive numbers tell the story—whether it’s the female executives, department heads and directors who make up 77% of staff roles, 84% of management positions and 72% of department heads, the proportion of employees who feel connected to our mission or the impacts our people help us to achieve around the world. In our daily work to create sustainable change in international communities and in our commitment to our staff, who are so integral to everything we do, we are always striving to be better. We don’t always get it right, but we do work hard to learn from our mistakes. In the spirit of transparency, we’re sharing the story of our journey as people managers, both in a full-length case study and in a shorter summary format, below.

Who we are

How we create change at home

How we create change globally

How the WE community creates change

The outcome

*As chosen by Women’s Executive Net and by Trent University.