Alisha Khan

Coordinator, ME to WE Trips Coordination, ME to WE

Alisha described her experience at WE, saying,

It was a good experience. I took a leap and tried something new. This job was very different to the previous jobs I held. I made a lot of friends who I am still friends with today and those people have amazing skill sets. It was a big learning experience and a good opportunity to learn in a new environment.

I remember working with partner relations on a scholarship trip that sent youth to Kenya to work with communities to implement solar panels. Accommodating different parties, managing expectations of the client, etc. it was really cool to collaborate with different departments. I really liked working on that project.

Thinking back on her most memorable impact, Alisha reflected,

Memorable impact was speaking to kids and parents who were worried about details regarding trips and to be able to frame their trip and ensure they are ready to travel was a highlight.

On the personal side, I still keep in touch with the girls I worked with, people came to my wedding and my baby shower. That was really impactful for me, now having these friendships.

I was a bit of a wild one to manage, it was fun to learn all of these things, but I was humbled by working with my manager. All it took was the right person to manage me and that was Katie Butler.

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