Bartek Kosinski

Webmaster and Designer, WE

I spent nine adventurous, exciting and challenging years with WE. I had the privilege of watching WE transform from a mere idea into a real and living example of what can occur when a group of lik- minded, inspired and innovative individuals share a common goal.

When I first joined WE, which in those days was known as Free The Children, I was fresh out of high school, incredibly shy and slightly socially awkward. During my second week of employment, the organization offered to take me on a trip to New York/New Jersey for a Leadership Academy. The Academy was led by Marc Kielburger, and it was designed to inspire, equip and empower youth with the tools and confidence to change the world, and, perhaps more importantly, to become citizens of our world.

I can truthfully say that my first Leadership Academy rocked my world, and lives on in my heart as one of the most important experiences of my life. Marc’s infectious positivity, depth of knowledge and vision, became my positivity, my knowledge and my vision. I made more friends that week than in my entire high school career.

I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and step into the person I am today. I felt that I belonged to something real, to something that is ours, that we can all share and utilize with a simple act of kindness. I consider myself very lucky to have been part of WE in those early days, as it ignited the spark within me to unlock my own potential, which I am still pursuing to this day.

Most of all, I feel incredibly lucky to have worked very closely with Marc and Craig when WE was still just a dream. Having only previously seen Craig on television, imagine my surprise when I found myself sharing his mom’s amazing chicken noodle soup with him at his home. Our team was very small, and we spent a lot of time burning the midnight oil together, creating brochures, websites and video content for the next leadership academy, the next event or speech.

We worked harder than I ever thought possible, and we never tired, because we had a lot of fun and we were inspired. We filled the long hours with stories, laughter and our favorite movie soundtracks, and ultimately, we laid the foundation and set the course, so that a dream can be the living, breathing and powerful reality it is today. Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation, are the “i’s” in “Team” that are integral to any worthwhile and lasting success.

I am proud to be part of the WE alumni, I am proud to have shared and learned so much from Marc and Craig. The friends I made, the experiences I enjoyed and, finally, the impact we shared, I truly wish for every young and old person on this planet.

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