Beverly Kandie

Community Nurse, Health Program Manager, Kenya Office, WE

My name is Beverly Kandie. I am a Kenyan and a registered nurse by profession. l worked with WE organization for seven memorable and fruitful years! They are memorable because it is not the years in my career, but the life in that career with WE. My seven years of growth with WE shaped my personality, my view of the world and more so my career as a health worker. The growth has been remarkably steady. Challenges were turned into learning opportunities. We would work with communities and schools to impact lives. We would wake up every day to new achievements and challenges, creating a lifelong positive change. This has made the seven years working with WE “my golden years.” Raising from a community health worker to a Program Manager was an unforgettable gesture. We worked together as a great team, and our leadership was our anchor. I learned that leadership is not about the title. It is about taking everything that you do one step further to see how far you can go and how far you can take others with you!

Over the years I was fortunate to work with WE leadership whose work and style has inspired me professionally to be a better person. “The best leaders are the best listeners.” They truly try to understand the ideas and perspectives of others, seek out feedback and opinions, thus finding a common ground to move forward.

Working with WE has made me realize my abilities and become results-oriented. This has now put a permanent passion in me to work with communities. This is the key that has since taken my career to the next level, from a community health nurse to community health and development. I have just completed my bachelors on the same. Beside this great motivation and mentorship from working with WE, these experiences have opened new career opportunities. Professionally, when I attended an interview for my present job, the panel were literally stunned by my competence and confidence! They were all interested to know where I worked before. This is the reason why I always look back to WE organization with a smile, as the saying goes, “You never really leave a place/people you love. Part of them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind.”

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