Carlos Garces

Ecuador Office, WE

Describing his experience at WE, Carlos noted,

A great experience with the best customers you can have—not only people with true values but with an open heart that care for their beliefs and ultimate goals. While I worked in WE I had many experiences where I can see positive results. And the supportive leadership was a great.

Thinking back on what he’s most proud of during his time at WE, Carlos said,

Developing the culinary department in the Amazon, as well the foundation to grow in the Amazon, I think it make an impact in the way things continue to work there.

Reflecting on what’s changed during his time at WE, Carlos said,

I think the most important impact was the customer service. And we’d focus in developing employees and empower them through leadership, safety and the support of all programs—that was my priority.

Looking back at his most memorable impact at WE, Carlos said,

I think the service culture and the most memorable was that people knew what they were doing at the end of the day, that creates a culture in the people that helps manage and support the operation and WE goals.

Another great project was when we did not have electricity and we installed a generator in the lodge. It was a complex project but was a great experience to me.

My last great memory was working for the groups families and corporate visitors, transforming the lodge into a five-star was amazing and took a lot of work and also great team work.

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