Catherine Binette

Director of Programs, Ecuador Office, WE

Working at WE was a very positive and memorable experience for me, and one that significantly impacted me. I had the opportunity to work in both the Montreal office as a motivational speak and leadership facilitator, and as the Director of Programs in WE’s office in Ecuador.

I was incredibly inspired by WE Charity’s work in North America. WE Schools and WE Day succeed in empowering youth to tackle the problems of the world. To see and witness the glitter of hope and sense of possibility in young people as they learn and take action on social and environmental issues. That same sense of empowerment and hope existed in the staff and communities we served in rural Ecuador. Working in partnership with rural indigenous communities to build new schools, clean water systems, school and community gardens, and income generating programs for women was amazing and something I was proud and honored to be part of.

In both Montreal and Ecuador, our teams were made up of talented, passionate staff who worked hard each day to create opportunities for empowerment in the people we served. WE has done a phenomenal job of ensuring their staff are supported and have the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges early in the professional career.

WE gave me opportunities like no other work I have had before. As an engineer, I had the opportunity to work in a tech company but I felt that my work was not having any social impact—which is what I craved. Stepping into the world of WE completely changed that and opened an amazing door for me.

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