Daysi Berrezueta

Ecuador In-Country Facilitator, WE

Speaking about the impacts they witnessed during their time at WE, Daysi said,

WE has had a positive impact in the different communities they partner with. One of my favorite is how they empower women, especially young girls, so they can start dreaming big and work to follow those dreams.

Describing their experience at WE, Daysi reflected,

At first I was definitely nervous, but after a while I realized everything would be ok and I really began to enjoy my job and the team. WE is like a big family where everyone supports each other. I loved working there and learned a lot of things from everyone in the team.

Daysi looked back on something they were proud to be working on while at WE and said,

In my role I was able to facilitate the experience of young students from North America traveling to visit my country. It was inspiring to have the volunteers interacting with the local people, and building a genuine equal relationship built on respect. It showed how we are all equal but opportunities, race, religion, etc., are the things that bring us apart, when all of these things disappear, we are all just humans having fun together.

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