Edna Anab

Community and Clinical Nurse, Kenya Office, WE

I was previously working with WE (the Free The Children) as a Community and Clinical Nurse, and worked with the organization for four years.

The work with WE gave me insights into various strategies and approaches employed to foster stronger health systems. Supporting the Adopt a Village model (now called the WE Villages Model) gave me insights into the perspective that health is dynamic and various approaches should be integrated such as disease prevention, food security, proper water and sanitation, education, and income generating to activities to ensure that the community is empowered.

While away from WE, I managed to further my studies. I have also had the opportunity to work with various health facilities, NGOs and National HIV/ STI Control program.

The experience at WE/FTC has been instrumental in my career growth especially the community-facility linkage approach. I was able to apply the community empowerment skills to improve school health program and community-led total sanitation, which led to communities being declared open defecation free (ODF) in Marsabit County and reduced cases of diseases related to poor hygiene behaviors. I was able to employ the same principle which resulted to retention to care of patients and reduction in mother to child transmission of HIV, increase in utilization of ANC and family planning services.

Home visits and mobile clinics helped me to understand that while treating a patient it is good to know how they live.

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