Evelyn Barake

Trips Specialist, ME to WE

Describing her experience at WE, Evelyn said,

My two years at WE were a whirlwind of learning, professional development and personal growth. It is an incredibly dynamic environment, where I had the chance to stretch myself, taking on different types of projects and learning new skills throughout, such as value-based selling, sales forecasting and strategy-building. It was demanding and tiring at times, but there were also lots of fabulous opportunities, including the chance to see sustainable development projects in WE Villages and be a facilitator on ME to WE Trips.

Reflecting on what she was most proud to work on during her time at WE, Evelyn recalled,

I especially enjoyed working with passionate educators who wanted to integrate social and environmental causes into the regular curriculum through ME to WE Trips. Working with educators to bring their administration on board and developing a strategy to personalize a trip that fit the needs of different kinds of schools was really interesting work. It was always a great feeling to see a school with little or no prior knowledge of WE considering putting in place a ME to WE school trip and knowing I played a role in bringing current and future students the opportunity to travel with purpose.

Thinking about what changed during her time at WE, Evelyn said,

So much! During my time there, the organization was seeing tremendous growth and it felt like a transition from a mid-sized organization to a large global player in the charity and social enterprise sector. With that came a few rebranding exercises before the organization settled on the current iteration, some significant restructuring and a big move to the new office spaces. It was interesting to see how WE adapted to the changing needs of stakeholders and to new opportunities while retaining what makes the organization so special.

Looking back at her most memorable impact of her work, Evelyn said,

Through my work I had the chance to speak to so many inspiring young people with so much verve to get out and make positive change in the world around them. One individual in particular had been keen on participating in a ME to WE Trip after experiencing her first WE Day, but needed help and support in fundraising for her trip. I worked with her over two years to help her realize her dream of traveling to India by offering fundraising ideas, encouragement and guidance. Seeing her realize how she had the tools and resources within herself and in her community to make this happen all on her own was incredible. Coincidentally, we had the chance to meet in person in India, since I was facilitating a trip there at the same time. She was a star participant, and her energy and enthusiasm were contagious even among the participants in my group. Being able to give stellar access to a community of young people who care about different social and environmental issues and helping them learn more about the world and themselves was extremely rewarding.

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