Galen Kerrick

Manager of Operations and Educational Outreach, Washington, WE

Reflecting on his experience at WE, Galen said,

My experience of WE was one of constantly having my mind expanded and my conceptions about the world challenged and changed. Mostly because of the community of people I was lucky enough to be surrounded by.

Thinking back on what he was most proud of during his time at WE, Galen noted,

At the risk of sounding condescending, I am most proud of the kids I got to walk through their international trip experience with. Watching them learn and grow, and learning and growing with them, and staying connected with them as they become incredible young adults has been one of the most rewarding parts of the work.

Thinking about what’s changed since his time at WE, Galen said,

The largest change has probably been in myself. I like to think that WE has helped equip me with skills and experiences to be a better and more effective advocate for deep social change.

Looking back on his most memorable impact, Galen reflected,

One of the most memorable impacts from my time with WE was on an educator on a trip I got to work with. I will always remember how moved she was by one activity in particular, and how she said it totally changed the way she saw herself.

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