Jessica Bentley-Jacobs

United Kingdom Director; Head of Global Business Development; Director of Youth Programs, WE

Reflecting on the role WE played in shaping his career, Jessica said,

It’s shown me I can do anything. I had 10 staff working for me when I was 25—I got to learn how to manage, how to hire people, how to do budgets and how to do everything—from talking to Prince Harry to registering for a charitable number and getting office furniture.

On what Jessica learned at WE,

WE exposed me to a breadth of opportunities. One of the biggest takeaways is being able to talk to a variety of different stakeholders—communities, businesses, peers.

Along with having the language to speak to different stakeholder groups, there’s also public speaking and the ability to give a presentation at a moment’s notice. Those are skills that translate into any industry or job. There’s also the skill of summarizing information—say, if you only had three minutes to talk to an important global CEO, you know how to focus and define your presentation and get your ask in there right away.

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