John Grange

Director, WE

I joined WE in 2015 and am extremely proud to have been part of the team. During my time there, I forged many strong friendships and personally grew as both an individual and a business professional. I truly felt WE enabled me to bring my best self to work every day and I will always be grateful for my time working for the organization.

The service-driven, inclusive culture at WE is amazing and helped drive the organizations ability to attract and retain both young and mature talent. I was thankful for the organization’s efforts to ensure the minds of all employees were fed with new learnings and experiences through unique programs and experiences. As a former HR executive, I was impressed with the organization’s “promote and grow from within” policy and supporting programs. It was refreshing to see many young people hold extremely important roles within the organization. In my many years of working, I’ve never experienced an organization where, without exception, all employees were bonded by a common purpose and working tirelessly toward a greater good.

I was deeply impacted by my positive experiences at WE. It made me a better father and business leader. I was able to reinforce with my daughters the benefits of service-driven behaviors and the importance of actions that positively impact others. As a business executive, I’ve learned that leading with purpose is no longer a leadership gimmick but a required component of being an authentic leader.

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