Kate Burnett

Deputy Chief Operating Director, ME to WE

Reflecting on her experience, and what she was most proud of while working here, Kate said,

In a word, incredible. What WE accomplishes in a year is equivalent to what other organizations spend years doing. It is fast-paced, constantly changing and opportunistic. As a result of working at WE, I am relentless at prioritizing what is really going to move the needle, ultra-efficient and able to collaborate effectively. I was constantly punching above my weight in terms of contribution to the overall strategic direction of the organization, access to external stakeholders and decision making around my business unit. My career has been propelled forward as a result of working at WE for seven years.

By far, I am most proud of the impact my team and I had on empowering Maasai mamas in rural Kenya. When I started with ME to WE we were working directly with approximately 30 mamas—slightly reinventing their traditional beadwork into accessories that would be both scalable and popular in North America. Three years later, we were working with over 1,400 women, helping them empower themselves, their families and communities. It is incredibly easy to motivate yourself and your team when your “work” is so connected with such a tangible impact.

Kate reflected on what’s changed since her time at WE:

A lot, and a little at the same time. The scale is more significant, the teams larger and the impact greater, but at the core, WE remains fueled by incredibly passionate and intelligent people who will not rest until they have done everything possible to achieve their goals. The belief in the mission is at the core of everything WE did and continues to do.

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