Katy Whitfield

WE Trips Facilitator (Ecuador), ME to WE

Roles at WE: North American Programming, Education support on the Directors of Change Program; WE Trips Facilitator, Ecuador

Now: Award-winning history, French, dramatic arts and equity studies teacher at Northview Heights Secondary School (TDSB)

Fun fact: When trip facilitating in Ecuador, I got to be part of digging the trench for a clean water project and also saw that water make it into a community to build a washroom block. So awesome to be able to see both parts of the process in making clean water and sanitation accessible for the community of La Pampa.

Thinking about how WE helped shape her career path, Katy reflected, WE gave me the opportunity to see firsthand the impact of student activism and engagement in supporting communities in Kenya and in Ecuador to have new school buildings, access to clean water and to become empowered through alternative income projects. Because of my work at WE I became even more inspired to mentor youth in making a difference in their schools and local communities, as well as nationally and globally. As a world traveler and a teacher, I bring the world into my classroom every day in meaningful ways and through WE I gained useful resources and tools to make learning relevant and connected to the interests of my students!

I learned the value of collaboration, the importance of using the strengths of all team members and recognizing that we all have something to learn from each other, as well as something to teach each other in our work.

I developed useful skills in leadership and facilitation of programming for youth and this is something that is part of my daily practice as an educator.

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