Kylie Brown

Talent Logistics Manager, WE Day, WE Charity

Reflecting on her time and WE and the impact of her work, Kylie said,

The impact I witnessed most closely as Talent Logistics Manager for WE Day was the incredible sense of hopefulness and purpose felt by youth, speakers and performers alike. WE Day unites adults and youth through the common goal of taking real steps to make positive change in the world. The effects of thousands of individuals leaving WE Day feeling inspired and empowered to make a difference are compounding and long-lasting.

My time with WE as Talent Logistics Manager for WE Day was fast-paced and incredibly exciting and inspiring. The momentum of rolling out what was, at the time, a tour of nine stadium-scale events in nine cities over two months was breathtaking and I continue to be amazed by the efficiency and professionalism with which our relatively small team produced the events. I loved working with the huge range of speakers and performing artists who donated their time to be involved in WE Day—they were often just as impacted and inspired by the day as the youth in the audience.

I was incredibly proud to be working on WE Day. I have never seen anything like it—events that have such widespread support and active participation from youth, performing artists and the business community alike. WE Day has identified a need in the community for people to come together in an environment that makes it possible for them to have a real positive impact on their world.

What I remember most vividly about WE Day is the incredible energy of a stadium full of excited youth who have gathered to celebrate their efforts to make a difference. WE Day is unique in its ability to unite performing artists, businesses and youth in a context that encourages shameless idealism and real actions toward improving our world.

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