Maran Stern-Kubista

Director of Trip Operations, ME to WE

Speaking about the impact she witnessed while working at WE, Maran said,

I had the privilege of working both with youth participating in leadership programming as well as families taking part in volunteer travel experiences while working with ME to WE. Whether after a week at leadership camp or 10 days in Kenya, participants would regularly refer to their experiences as “life-changing.” It’s a combination of the depth of knowledge from the staff, the authenticity of experience on the ground, the unique and engaging programming, and the excellent caliber of every team member. Participants were consistently blown away by their experiences and came home wanting to do more to help than before they left.

Reflecting on what she was proud to be working on during her time at WE, Maran said,

One of the highlights of working at WE will always be the people. Having had the opportunity to lead several teams, I had the chance to hire, train and mentor many staff, and watch them grow and flourish in their roles and throughout the organization. WE always attracts top talent and extremely committed, passionate and hardworking team members. It was a joy to work alongside so many talented people and help create teams, a culture, and a working environment that people wanted to be a part of.

Looking back, Maran reflected on what her time at WE was like, saying,

My time at WE provided me with so many different opportunities to exercise a diverse skill set and build new competencies. There was always a new challenge around the corner which is an amazing way to grow. The many roles I had at WE helped to prepare me for my new adventures in entrepreneurship.

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