Marc Henry

Associate Director, School & Youth Engagement, ME to WE

Describing his experience at ME to WE, Marc said,

I had an incredible experience during my nearly four years at ME to WE. Having studied Commerce in university, I was excited to work for a social enterprise. The business model was not only innovative, it was rewarding to work for an organization making a positive impact. I was hired as one of the first team members in a sales role, helping to increase readership of ME to WE Books. I was later promoted into management, leading a team called School & Youth Engagement (offering volunteer travel opportunities and leadership training). By the time I left the organization, my team had grown to 20+ team members and I was leading the day-to-day operations as an Associate Director. I grew so much professionally and personally while working at ME to WE. I have many lifelong friends that I met while working for the organization, and have drawn from my experiences there throughout my career. Today I lead another fast-growing team for a hypergrowth company within the tech industry. I feel lucky to have developed entrepreneurial skills at ME to WE to help me thrive in this fast-paced environment.

Thinking back on what he was most proud of, Marc said,

There are many proud moments when I look back at my time at ME to WE. I’m most proud of being a founding member of a new department and the team culture we created. Every day was rewarding, and it was a fun environment to work in.

Reflecting on what has changed during his time at WE, Marc said,

The biggest change I noticed was the fast pace of growth. It was exciting to be part of an organization that was growing so quickly and, as a result, there was a lot of opportunity. I’m drawn to organizations that move fast, are disrupting their industry and approach problem solving creatively. ME to WE offered me all three!

Looking back on the most memorable impact of his work, Marc said,

Having the opportunity to lead a team that was offering school groups the opportunity to travel abroad, and being able to facilitate some of these volunteer trips. It was humbling to experience firsthand the impact of the projects overseas, and play a role in the positive transformation of student participants.

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