Matt Finlin

Director of Digital Media, WE

Reflecting on his experience and the impact of his work at WE, Matt said,

Where to begin? While working at WE for three years I was presented with some of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding moments of my professional career. From developing and executing global campaigns that in turn helped thousands of young people across the globe, to traveling to Kenya and teaching card tricks to Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. (Yes, I taught her that trick.) There was always something new and exciting happening. We could bring ideas to the table and execute them. Our team worked hard. Really hard—and it was rewarding. We believed in what we were doing and we wanted to move the needle forward. My fellow team members and executive leaders were amongst the smartest people I’ve worked with and just truly great people who I will forever be connected to.

One of the projects I was most proud of was developing the creative, strategy and execution of several global campaigns released over the holiday season that provided school supplies to thousands of children across the globe. Producing PSAs that played around the world with some of WE’s ambassadors, like Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas, telling the story of how bracelets made in Kenya provide income to the women who made them and in turn provide impacts such as health, education and clean water to those in need was an incredible cause to be a part of.

The impact continues beyond WE. Since leaving the organization and starting production company Door Knocker Media, my partner, Karen Barzilay, and I have had the privilege of producing the WE Day Special on ABC in the U.S. for the past four years. We love telling the stories of young people, families and educators making a difference, whatever their cause may be. It feels good to continue supporting the great work of the organization to elevate those making a positive difference across North America and world.

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