Monica Vucko

Manager of Corporate Partnerships and Programs, WE

Role at WE: Manager, Corporate Partnerships and Programs

Now: Program Strategy and Development, [email protected], Innovation UBC

Reflecting on the impact she witnessed while working at WE, Monica said,

Although the organization’s impact is primarily focused on empowering young people, I have witnessed the profound impact that it has also had on the teachers, parents, celebrities, athletes, CEOs and employees who attended WE Day, participated in programming and traveled abroad to visit WE Villages. It is difficult to walk away from these experiences without feeling the strong desire to create a positive change in the world.

Thinking back on her experience and what she was most proud to work on at WE, Monica noted,

Fast-paced, exciting and an exceptional learning experience. WE introduced me to the concept of corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship and sustainability. My experience at WE is the reason I have pursued a career in impact entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Being entrusted to successfully manage the organization’s most valuable corporate partnership at the age of 23, and helping to bring WE Day to the United States. WE Day Illinois was one of the most rewarding experiences, especially since it was the first time WE Day was broadcast nationally on ABC.

Reflecting on her most memorable impact of her work, Monica said,

After WE Day Minnesota, I was forwarded an email that a parent had written to one of our WE Schools Program Managers. The mother noted that her frequently bullied son had come home from the event with a renewed sense of self-confidence after seeing the segment we did on bullying. The segment she was referring to was one that I had helped develop in collaboration with one of our corporate partners. It was one my more memorable moments because it was such a tangible example of the impact of our work.

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