Rob McGregor

Database Administrator, WE Charity

Reflecting on his experience and the impact on beneficiaries he witnessed while working at WE, Rob said,

I built some the software that allowed educators and students to sign up for WE Day. WE Day can be a powerful call to action for the attendees to help WE Charity’s beneficiaries. The events also inspire people who do not understand what the charity does to see its effects. The total effect—as I witnessed it—is a working system for both the contributors to the charity and the beneficiaries to see each other in an inspirational light. My work contributed in a small way to allow for this important cultural transaction to take place.

The team I was on worked very closely together and became very good friends. We learned a lot from each other. The environment was free of politics and we had a good understanding of major priorities. We were also a young team who spent a lot of time together outside of work. The environment created at WE allowed us to grow together and mentor each other.

The work I most enjoyed doing at WE was building business tools to help my co-workers. They were early in their careers and eager to help others.

Charities don’t always have the best tools to take donations, track individual contributors impacts or manage large groups of people. I was able to help bridge this gap by building software. In turn these solutions helped the charity grow and help others.

My time at WE was a period of fast-paced growth. The creation of ME to WE, WE Day and the growth of a trips team are a few of the major changes that happened while I was a member of the organization.

Without a doubt the most memorable impact of my work was seeing firsthand the positive change WE made in Kenya. I saw this on one of the staff trips. It really changed my perspective on work.

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